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28-13261-1, 28-13260-1, 28-13259-4, 28-13253-1, 28-13250-1 are just a few of the items that we have stocked. Unlimited Purchasing is the one stop shop for all things to do with aviation parts. We have an inventory of over 6 billion parts, including new, old, and obsolete parts. Among the many parts that we inventory are  Spacer Roller, Rod End, Strap Push Pull Tension Belt, Bolt Tension Belt Drive, Crank Bell. As an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B certified enterprise, we ensure that every item undergoes rigorous quality assurance testing by our expert team. Get started today with an instant quote for a part from top aviation manufacturers

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
28-13278-1 NA spacer roller Avl RFQ
28-13276-1 NA rod end Avl RFQ
28-13268-1 NA strap push pull tension belt Avl RFQ
28-13266-15 NA bolt tension belt drive Avl RFQ
28-13266-1 NA bolt tension belt drive Avl RFQ
28-13261-1 NA crank bell Avl RFQ
28-13260-1 NA bellcrank tension belt drive Avl RFQ
28-13259-4 NA housing spring drive belt Avl RFQ
28-13253-1 NA spring housing Avl RFQ
28-13250-1 NA housing spring anchor Avl RFQ
28-13245-901 NA roller pulley idler sys drive Avl RFQ
28-13238-1 NA spacer washer idler support Avl RFQ
28-13233-1 NA spacer pulley belt dr idler Avl RFQ
28-13232-1 NA shaft idler support m r g b Avl RFQ
28-13231-6 NA shim drive pulley Avl RFQ
28-13227-5 NA support strut assy belt drive Avl RFQ
28-132022-3 NA switch warn disengage clutch Avl RFQ
28-132022-11 NA bracket clutch warn switch Avl RFQ
28-132006-11 NA spacer pulley idler sys drive Avl RFQ
28-13184-11 NA nut retention pinion Avl RFQ
28-13177-1 NA line lubrication box gear m r Avl RFQ
28-13149-1 NA line m r g b vent Avl RFQ
28-13117-9 NA shim shaft 0 0075 trme mrgb Avl RFQ
28-13117-8 NA shim shaft 0 005 bl mrgbo p Avl RFQ
28-13117-4 NA shim shaft 0 002 red mrgb Avl RFQ
28-13116-1 NA housing bearing m r g b Avl RFQ
28-13111-13 NA bearing housing black oxide Avl RFQ
28-13005-1 NA washer pylon to box gear m r Avl RFQ
28-13004-3 NA washer sub 28 13005 1 Avl RFQ
28-12816-1 NA placard max weight Avl RFQ
28-127508-1 NA duct outlet heater assy Avl RFQ
28-12719-15 NA boot cover Avl RFQ
28-12719-12 NA cover l h Avl RFQ
28-12687-1 NA baffle oil cooler duct Avl RFQ
28-12686-11 NA strut Avl RFQ
28-12683-1 NA bracket assy fan shroud Avl RFQ
28-12679-3 NA baffle assmebly 28 volt Avl RFQ
28-12679-1 NA baffle fan shroud Avl RFQ
28-12673-1 NA oil cooler duct Avl RFQ
28-12672-11 NA angle fan shroud Avl RFQ
28-12666-1 NA cover oil cooler duct fan shr Avl RFQ
28-12647-1 NA vane and splitter assy Avl RFQ
28-12645-1 NA vane and splitter assy Avl RFQ
28-12642-1 NA ring weight mass Avl RFQ
28-12625-1 NA boot cooler a mdl Avl RFQ
28-12617-1 NA plate baffle assembly Avl RFQ
28-12616-1 NA plate baffle assembly Avl RFQ
28-12615-1 NA plate baffle assembly Avl RFQ
28-12613-3 NA baffle fan shroud center Avl RFQ
28-12611-5 NA bracket anchor Avl RFQ
28-12610-901 NA ring retaining fan shroud Avl RFQ
28-12610-3 NA shroud fan engine cooling Avl RFQ
28-12610-13 NA baffle fan shroud rh Avl RFQ
28-12607-8 NA plate baffle assy Avl RFQ
28-12603-1 NA stiffener fan engine Avl RFQ
28-126006-1 NA baffle shroud fan Avl RFQ
28-12554-9 NA linkage assy wastegate Avl RFQ
28-12554-103 NA linkage assy wastegate Avl RFQ
28-12552-5 NA wastegate assy replaces 3 Avl RFQ
28-12551-19 NA rod linkage wastegate Avl RFQ
28-125082-1 NA bracket assy Avl RFQ
28-125017-1 NA orifice by pass tube assy Avl RFQ
28-125011-31 NA tube mount Avl RFQ
28-125011-1 NA tube mount turbo assy Avl RFQ
28-12500-1 NA exhaust system a model only Avl RFQ
28-12479-11 NA placard fuel sump drain Avl RFQ
28-12465-1 NA placard fuel tank capacity lbs Avl RFQ
28-12460-1 NA valve drain assembly Avl RFQ
28-12459-1 NA line drain right Avl RFQ
28-12457-1 NA line drain left Avl RFQ
28-12454-15 NA placard sump drain Avl RFQ
28-12454-11 NA placard sump drain Avl RFQ
28-12433-2 NA placard fuel cap 20 gal white Avl RFQ
28-12431-13 NA stiff tank lwr Avl RFQ
28-12424-1 NA placard fuel tank sight gauge Avl RFQ
28-12422-5 NA cap fuel Avl RFQ
28-12420-15 NA placard fuel sump drain Avl RFQ
28-12420-11 NA placard closed fuel Avl RFQ
28-12418-1 NA handle control drain Avl RFQ
28-12416-4 NA plate Avl RFQ
28-12409-1 NA gasket transmitter fuel lvl Avl RFQ
28-124003-1 NA hose fuel 1 4 12 long Avl RFQ
28-12400-16 NA shim fuel tank installation Avl RFQ
28-12360-1 NA gasket inlet turbocharger Avl RFQ
28-12359-13 NA gasket Avl RFQ
28-12341-1 NA bracket assembly Avl RFQ
28-12319-1 NA spring by pass cowl g aux Avl RFQ
28-123024-1 NA tube assembly Avl RFQ
28-123017-1 NA adapter assy Avl RFQ
28-123013-1 NA vent nozzle fuel assy Avl RFQ
28-12150-1 NA hose cooler 5 8 50 aux oil Avl RFQ
28-12145-1 NA hose breather Avl RFQ
28-12125-1 NA dip stick oil Avl RFQ
28-12117-12 NA cap retaining Avl RFQ
28-12116-11 NA adapter engine Avl RFQ
28-121011-3 NA hose fluid 1 4 5 4 lg Avl RFQ
28-121008-1 NA line vent static assy Avl RFQ
28-121005-15 NA hose fuel 3 8 7 lg Avl RFQ
28-11716-1 NA door opener kit 28f Avl RFQ
28-11714-2 NA sliding window 280fx right Avl RFQ
28-11711-11 NA block pivot wing window f28f Avl RFQ
28-11710-2 NA track sliding rh f28f see 12 Avl RFQ
28-11710-1 NA track sliding lh f28f see 11 Avl RFQ
28-11709-3 NA window sliding lh f28f Avl RFQ
28-11708-1 NA wing window sliding lh f28f Avl RFQ
28-11603-13 NA plate scuff floor al Avl RFQ
28-11509-1 NA ring support firewall Avl RFQ
28-11501-901 NA curtain firewall aft repl 8 Avl RFQ
28-11501-4 NA strip mount Avl RFQ
28-11480-11 NA doubler Avl RFQ
28-11464-1 NA spacer belt seat Avl RFQ
28-11445-901 NA louver engine door Avl RFQ
28-11440-4 NA shim inspection door cowl Avl RFQ
28-11435-1 NA plate lock f28f door Avl RFQ
28-11428-1 NA rod latch Avl RFQ
28-11425-6 NA window r lwr deck f28f Avl RFQ
28-11425-5 NA window l lwr deck f28f Avl RFQ
28-11425-4 NA window r overhead f28f Avl RFQ
28-11425-3 NA window l overhead f28f Avl RFQ
28-11407-5 NA cord bungee f28f door Avl RFQ
28-11407-1 NA bungee cord assy Avl RFQ
28-11404-13 NA cover rod collective rpl 1 Avl RFQ
28-114025-1 NA airscoop aft 280 Avl RFQ
28-114019-15 NA cowling top Avl RFQ
28-114018-2 NA panel engine cowl door r h Avl RFQ
28-114018-1 NA cowling engine door rh Avl RFQ
28-114016-3 NA cowl lower center f28f Avl RFQ
28-114016-1 NA cowl center bottom fwd 280fx Avl RFQ
28-114015-1 NA cowling quarter panel lh Avl RFQ
28-114013-17 NA cowling step panel rh Avl RFQ
28-114013-15 NA hinge cowl assy Avl RFQ
28-114013-11 NA cowling step panel rh Avl RFQ
28-11401-3 NA airscoop f28f Avl RFQ
28-114003-1 NA shield assembly Avl RFQ
28-11392-1 NA shield pedal Avl RFQ
28-11372-1 NA plate latch Avl RFQ
28-11335-10 NA stiffener seat beam Avl RFQ
28-11323-1 NA channel seat Avl RFQ
28-113102-1 NA handle Avl RFQ
28-113100-1 NA door opener kit 280fx Avl RFQ
28-11310-902 NA door frame assy l Avl RFQ
28-11310-11 NA hinge door Avl RFQ
28-11310-10 NA ring reinforce now 28 11715 11 Avl RFQ
28-113096-1 NA latch door Avl RFQ
28-113091-3CS NA door hndl f28f in sets c s use Avl RFQ
28-113090-6 NA door f28f rh w slid now 10 Avl RFQ
28-113090-22 NA plexiglass door f28f rh Avl RFQ
28-113090-21 NA plexiglass door f28f lh Avl RFQ
28-113080-6 NA latch door arm right hand Avl RFQ
28-113076-1 NA hinge door f28f Avl RFQ
28-11307-2 NA mount cabin seat rt Avl RFQ
28-11307-1 NA mount cabin seat lt Avl RFQ
28-113046-7 NA vent wing window 280fx Avl RFQ
28-113046-5 NA window sliding lh 280fx Avl RFQ
28-113041-11 NA interior vinyl nose 280fx Avl RFQ
28-11302-7 NA shim seat Avl RFQ
28-11247-13 NA bracket t c t r pulley Avl RFQ
28-11243-12 NA bracket pulley out b t c Avl RFQ
28-11242-12 NA bracket pulley inb d t c Avl RFQ
28-11239-9 NA cover 3 tail rotor shaft Avl RFQ
28-11239-1 NA cover 1 tail rotor shaft Avl RFQ
28-11238-1 NA bracket assy t c aft Avl RFQ
28-11236-13 NA doubler t c d s cover Avl RFQ
28-11233-5 NA bracket assy t c Avl RFQ
28-11228-1 NA stiffener t c bulkhead Avl RFQ
28-11226-1 NA doubler Avl RFQ
28-11225-1 NA plate access t c lh now 11 Avl RFQ
28-11222-15 NA spar stabilizer t c Avl RFQ
28-11211-2 NA stiffener t c Avl RFQ
28-11210-2 NA stiffener t c Avl RFQ
28-11210-1 NA stiffener t c Avl RFQ
28-11207-3CS NA bulkhead h t c s Avl RFQ
28-11207-1 NA bulkhead t c aft c s no rivet Avl RFQ
28-11206-3 NA former t c bulkhead ht tr Avl RFQ
28-11206-1 NA bulkhead assy t c aft fwd Avl RFQ
28-11205-1CS NA bulkhead c s Avl RFQ
28-11203-3 NA former t c bulkhead ht tr Avl RFQ
28-11202-6 NA channel t c bulkhead Avl RFQ
28-11202-5 NA channel t c bulhead Avl RFQ
28-11202-4 NA former t c bulkhead ht tr Avl RFQ
28-11201-902 NA guard fitting see 28 11236 902 Avl RFQ
28-11201-7 NA skin t c aft Avl RFQ
28-11201-6 NA skin t c center bottom Avl RFQ
28-11201-4 NA skin t c forward bottom Avl RFQ
28-11201-12 NA skin t c closure rh Avl RFQ
28-11128-1 NA mount bracket Avl RFQ
28-11121-4 NA hose rubber Avl RFQ
28-11120-1 NA pitot tube assy Avl RFQ
28-11100-902 NA pylon piston Avl RFQ
28-01056-1 NA t r needle brg upgrade Avl RFQ
28-01053-5 NA lower swashplate mod kit Avl RFQ
28-01043-1 NA kit bulkhead modification t c Avl RFQ
28-01042-2 NA kit sliding window f28f rh Avl RFQ
28-01041-3 NA kit flex element fc Avl RFQ
28-01041-1 NA kit flex pack fc Avl RFQ
28-01025-5 NA kit coupling and flex pack Avl RFQ
28-01008-KIT NA kit aux oil cooler inst Avl RFQ
28-01008 NA auxiliary oil cooler kit Avl RFQ
28-00016 NA stencil f28f Avl RFQ
27539 NA seal oil 2 750 shaft viton Avl RFQ
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