An Overview of Hydraulic Motor Assemblies

Hydraulic systems have radically changed how many applications harness power and carry out actuation, allowing pressure to be efficiently transferred through a fluid medium to take advantage of its incompressible nature. In order for a hydraulic system to effectively carry out operations, it must have some means of converting hydraulic pressure into torque and angular displacement. This is made possible through the use of hydraulic motors, those of which we will discuss in brief detail.

In their most basic form, hydraulic motors are devices capable of transforming hydraulic pressure and flow into harnessable mechanical power. To do this, they rely on a number of common components that make up the wider assembly. With a hydraulic motor stator, force can be exerted onto a piston to produce the tangential component necessary for rotating the piston and rotor. The rotor itself may feature different mechanisms based on the choice of motor, sometimes rotating after the meshing of gears and fluid flow or being actuated by the pressing of vane elements.

In order for generated torque to be supplied to any exterior element or system, an important component known as the hydraulic motor driveshaft is used. Commonly referred to as a propeller, this part will be produced from metal materials while having gear teeth along its ends. All fluid flow within the motor is managed by a hydraulic motor directional control valve, ensuring that control patterns and mechanisms are upheld.

To protect all internal components of the motor, a protective casing is used. Generally, the hydraulic motor casing will be made from a material like titanium, stainless steel, cast iron, nickel, or low carbon steel to ensure ample integrity. Depending on the exact makeup of the motor, the exact shape of the casing may vary. Extending from the assembly is the hydraulic motor piston rod that transmits any generated forces to the components performing work. Generally, piston rods are most prevalent on piston-type motors where they are able to create a turning motion.

While not a part of the assembly, hydraulic motor fluid is essential for pressure to be transmitted for actuation. A majority of motors rely on synthetic, petroleum-based, or water-based fluids, petroleum options being the most common. However, to achieve various objectives like anti-corrosion protection or rust avoidance, the exact fluids chosen may have additives implemented. Synthetic-based lubricants are known for their high performance and quality, yet they typically come at a higher price point on average.

When you are searching for motors, always make sure that you do not confuse them with pumps. While pumps operate in a very similar manner, they are designed for singular direction operations and rely on the generation of a vacuum to perform work. Additionally, hydraulic motors feature low minimum stable speeds, and they rely on radial loads like pulleys, sprockets, belts, and other elements that are not found within pumps. As such, one should choose a pump when they need to assist the operations of mobile hydraulics, fans, dispersion places, injection molding equipment, winches, and more.

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