While the aircraft may be one of the greatest engineering marvels of our time, their advanced technology and capabilities are fairly meaningless when disassembled. Fasteners are commercial hardware parts that may be used to secure two or more components together in either a permanent or non-permanent fashion. Millions of fasteners may be used to assemble structures, equipment, systems, and other components of a single aircraft. Rivets in particular are an important type of mechanical aircraft fastener that is often used for much of the assembly of an aircraft, and there are many types of rivets that are installed throughout the structure. As aircraft hardware parts, roughly 40,000 rivets may be used on a single Boeing 747 wing for assembly and integrity, acting as testament to their importance for aviation. In this blog, we will discuss how rivets function to hold an aircraft together, as well as the various common types of rivets that may be present on an aircraft.

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In the aerospace and aviation industries, every rough surface, sharp edge, or imperfection has the potential to lead to disastrous consequences. Or, at the very least, cost a lot of money as a result of decreased efficiency caused by higher friction and wear-and-tear. As a result, abrasives are an important part of the manufacturing process.

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