Difference Between Compression Fittings and Flare Fittings

You tend to run across many different connectors when you’re working out in the field. Even the most skilled can find it difficult to distinguish between different tools and connectors. If you’re among the workforce employed in the manufacturing and supply chain industry, it’s important to learn how to differentiate between your tools. Here, we’ll discuss two common connectors tools that are often seen in and used for smaller line fittings.

In regards to fittings, the two connector tools that you often see are compression outlets and flared outlets. For the latter, you mainly use these when you’re working with gas and high pressure lines, in which the tiniest of gas leaks could cause major issues if unattended. For the former, you would use them for water and compressed air lines where a small leakage wouldn’t cause too much of an issue.

When it comes to identifying the compression outlets, you need to look out for the pipe, a nut, a compression ring and the fitting itself. The fitting is placed on the pipe’s end, while the nut and ring are placed on the pipe itself, which creates a strong seal. Compression fittings can be used with a wider range of pipe types and takes less time to complete. Unlike other fittings, they also don’t require that you use heat or welding work during installation.

As for flared fittings, it is the end of the pipe that creates the seal. Theses are more difficult to install as a specialized flaring tool must be used to place around the diameter of the pipe. Once it is secured, you would have to use another tool to bend the pipe and create a flare and cone at the end. After you are able to tighten the nut down, the flared end is trapped between the nut and the fitting. Because the fitting had to be maladjusted enough so as to tighten, it can take significantly much longer to remove.

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