Difference Between TurboProp and Turbojet Aircraft

The main difference between a turboprop and a turbojet is that the former refers to a jet engine with a propeller attached to the front, while the latter is simply your standard jet engine. If you are in the market to purchase either a turboprop or turbojet, but are unsure of which to select, consider the benefits that each carry. This article will discuss more about the different benefits that each offers.

Efficiency At Lower Altitudes

Turboprops tend to deliver better fuel efficiency at lower altitudes than turbojets. Part of this is because turboprop engines push out vast amounts of air through fans propellers in denser air at lower altitudes. The thrust produced per pound of fuel is lower for turbojet engines than for the turboprop engines. So if a flight requires flying at lower altitudes and constitutes a short trip, then from an economic perspective, a turboprop would be more appropriate to use.

Cost Effectiveness

When it comes to operating costs and lower acquisition, the turboprop aircraft has the advantage. The lifestyle operation costs for turboprops are lower compared to the alternative. Additionally, for short flights and few passengers, turboprops are far more efficient.

Speeds & Altitudes

Turbojet engines tend to have the capacity to reach higher speeds and altitudes. The engines for turbojets are installed so that speeds that exceed 375 knots or higher are required. This is why they can cover longer distances over shorter periods of time. They are also designed to operate efficiently at higher altitudes, with commercial airliners flying higher than 35,000 feet during cruise.

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