How to Repair Aircraft Fuel Systems?

The aircraft fuel system is paramount to flight operations, serving to manage and distribute fuel for engine functionality. Any compromisation of the fuel system is highly dangerous, and any noticed leaking or malfunction should be remedied prior to undertaking another flight. Issues with the fuel system can lead to various hazards, ranging from fuel starvation to an explosion. As such, aircraft personnel should be familiar with standard repair procedures for the means of preventing risky situations.

To effectively troubleshoot and repair a fuel system, it is imperative that the one conducting a fix is familiar with all assemblies and how they operate. Generally, technicians will take advantage of manufacturer specifications, diagrams, and descriptions, allowing them to study the ins and outs of a particular system. Additionally, manufacturer manuals may also contain various diagrams and charts that may be followed, ensuring that sequences are provided for troubleshooting. Generally, tracing fuel flow from the fuel tank to the engine can allow for a technician to find an issue through the process of elimination.

When there is a suspected leak, a closer visual inspection is required. More often than not, the source of a leak will be located at the connection point of two fuel lines or between a fuel line and a part. Leaks may be identifiable by a mark left by fuel as it runs down components, and the odor that it leaves will often be strong. If the fuel system contains gasoline, a leak may leave a dye trace or a clean mark where dirt is removed. Jet fuel, meanwhile, is slow to evaporate and will collect substances as it dries. As any type of fuel presents the risk of ignition, leaks must be quickly attended to. When conducting any fix for a potential leak, manufacturer requirements or specifications should be followed to ensure airworthiness of the aircraft.

Leaks are generally repaired with the use of either a seal or gasket, and installation will follow the replacement or reassembly of the fuel system itself. Old gasket components or packing should never be reused, and replacements should be procured with the use of the part number of the old item. Furthermore, all sealing products should not be kept on shelves for too long as such products have set shelf lives that should not be surpassed.

Just how a fuel line or other fuel component may develop leaks, so too can fuel tanks. Regardless of whether a tank is a rigid removable, bladder-type, or integral tank, manufacturer instructions should be followed as each type may differ in how it is repaired. Through inspection, the technician should check for any signs of corrosion, even if such issues are not suspected to be the root cause of a leak. Some tank types may require forms of soldering, welding, or fastening for repair, and safety should be upheld to prevent any injuries or accidents.

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