Top 3 Greases for Aircraft Wheel Bearings

Aircraft wheel bearings, like all other parts of the aircraft, need proper care and maintenance in order to continue performing at the highest capacity, which means that they need grease. But, they can not just use any grease, and certainly not automotive grease. Your average sedan isn’t going to experience the same stresses and conditions that a commercial jetliner does. Aviation parts need aviation grease specially designed with certain applications in mind. So, with that being said, here are the top 3 aviation greases for the aircraft wheel bearings.

  1. Mobil SHC100 is a performance synthetic grease featuring a unique blend of polyalphaolefin synthetic base fluid and high-quality lithium complex soap thickener. SHC100 is manufactured by Mobil, a highly reliable and reputable brand of oil and gas products. It offers great protection at operating temperatures from -54 to 177 (degree Celsius). Good for high speed, heavy load applications such as wheel bearings and slower speed, high load applications such and landing gear bearings, the SHC100 is a good multipurpose grease.
  2. Royco 22CF MIL-PRF-81322F is a gel-type inorganic grease with additives for oxidation and corrosion stability as well as load-carrying and rust protection. Royco offers protection against friction for a wide operating temperature range. It’s suitable for use in a wide range of applications other than wheel bearings, such as instruments, gearboxes, anti-friction bearings, rotor bearings, actuators, and general airframe applications.
  3. Braycote 622 MIL-PRF-81322G #2 is a synthetic hydrocarbon base, non-soap thickened grease. It is manufactured by Castrol Braycote, a major manufacturer of lubricants and grease. Braycote 622 offers great protection in low and high temperatures of up to 177 degree Celsius, water resistance, and extreme pressure characteristics. The Braycote is another good all-around aviation grease with many applications such as in control systems, high-speed miniature ball bearings, and other bearing applications where fretting, oscillating, and vibrations create problems.


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