What Are Set Screws And Set Screw Types?

As with any aircraft, fasteners are an extremely important component that enables the fixing of one part to another. Set screws are a rare form of screws that are an important fastener for when components need to be secured without any protrusions. The entire body of the screw is threaded and is headless, often being installed with an allen key or special tools. The screw is installed into a threaded hole of the two objects to prevent movement of one object relative to the other. One of the more common examples for set screw use is securing a pulley or gear to a shaft.

Set screws are used in applications needing fasteners with high torque resistance or transmission. Set screws are often manufactured using alloy steel and case hardened. Depending on the application of the set screw, there are different point types and characteristics available and can be manufactured in various dimensions depending on the need. A few examples of different set screw types are flat points, cup points, straight slots, and hex socket screws.

When the screw needs to be completely flat against a surface, flat point set screws are utilized and beneficial. For those applications with high-vibration and a need for a strong grip without loosening, cup points can prove very useful as compared to flat points. Straight slots are another type of set screw that are more basic, and only need a flat screwdriver and low amounts of torque to successfully install them. On the other hand, for applications that require more complex requirements and tamper resistance, hex socket screws can be utilized and installed with hex wrenches and allen keys.

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