What Are Toggle Switches And Their Common Types?

A toggle switch is a type of electronic switch, serving as one of the most commonplace electrical components with their simple operation and wide applicational use. In general, an electronic switch is used to achieve binary on-off control for a device, ensuring that the flow of current can be interrupted or permitted to flow with ease. Generally, this is carried out by adjusting the metallic contacts situated within the switch assembly. In this blog, we will provide an overview of toggle switches and their most common types, allowing you to see if they are an optimal fit for your operational needs. 

Toggle switches are fairly easy to operate, only requiring one to push the toggle of the device for actuation. When this is done, the actuator will adjust the position of contacts with the use of an armature switch, allowing for the flow of current to be established or interrupted as necessary. Toggle switches come in two major categories, those of which are separated by whether a state is held upon releasing force from the toggle or if a position is only temporary. Momentary functionality refers to when engagement is only established for as long as the toggle is pressed, this being made possible with a spring mechanism, which brings the component back to the resting state when force is removed. Latching toggle switches can maintain their state, and switching between each state will require the toggle to be pushed back each time.

When perusing various types of toggle switches, there are a few factors that one can use to determine the right fit for a particular application. For instance, the size of the switch is one of the first things to consider, with common options being standard, miniature, sub-miniature, and ultra-miniature sizes. With the proper sizing, one can ensure that the device will be able to fit on an assembly with ease for easy access and use. Another important consideration is how noticeable the switch needs to be, especially if placed within low-light environments. If lights are needed for appearances, state tracking, or other such reasons, an LED light switch is useful and can be procured in numerous colors.

Once you have determined the particular switches that you require, one can then determine which toggle switch accessories may be needed. Switch guards are a common option for applications where it is important that one does not accidentally actuate the switch, and the guard prevents physical interaction. Switches are often built with imperfect seals, so rubber boots are an accessory that can deter the entrance of dust and moisture into the assembly. By enclosing the base of the switch, the rubber boot effectively seals the component.

The rocker switch is a similar component that is often compared to the toggle switch, and it is important to understand the difference between each. Typically, rocker switches are designed for the means of having icons, symbols, or text placed on the button, allowing for communication to be provided for ease of use. Meanwhile, toggle switches are much more simplistic without the ability to add significant visual information. As such, they are typically used on circuit boards and assemblies where they are intended to allow for switching while having ample protection for harsher environments.

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