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At Unlimited Purchasing, we provide some of the top IT hardware parts and components for the aviation industry, such as 865253129-001, 865253136-001, 865253137-002, 865253151-001, 8652531782-02, with descriptions like CCA MOTHERBOARD, H/B CONNECTION CCA, HAMMERBANK MASK ASSY, MOTOR RIBBON SPOOL, HANDLE ASSY. We source from some of the top IT hardware parts manufacturers, and we tirelessly inspect and certify every part that we sell before shipping it to our customers to guarantee their quality and integrity. If you would like to receive a quote for parts, fill out and submit an Instant RFQ form from this page to begin procuring from us.

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Part No Description Part Type QTY RFQ
865251995-001 cca motherboard NA Avl RFQ
865253060-001 h/b connection cca NA Avl RFQ
865253110-001 hammerbank mask assy NA Avl RFQ
865253118-001 motor ribbon spool NA Avl RFQ
865253125-001 handle assy NA Avl RFQ
865253129-001 drive roller ribbon shaft NA Avl RFQ
865253136-001 emitter cover NA Avl RFQ
865253137-002 emitter vane NA Avl RFQ
865253151-001 ribbon increment cca NA Avl RFQ
8652531782-02 sperry hammer driver cca NA Avl RFQ
865253191-002 ds27 trans amplifier cca NA Avl RFQ
865253565-003 code conversion cca dr10 NA Avl RFQ
865253572-002 prom kit NA Avl RFQ
865253576-001 plate - mounting switch NA Avl RFQ
865253607-001 sensor bar assy NA Avl RFQ
865253612-001 print timer cca NA Avl RFQ
865253626-001 drum pulley NA Avl RFQ
865253646-001 hammerbank mask NA Avl RFQ
865253771-001 drum gate switch plate NA Avl RFQ
865254055-001 headflex cable assy NA Avl RFQ
8652541000643 carriage motor assy NA Avl RFQ
8652541001456 ribbon base assy NA Avl RFQ
8652541001589 cable tensioner assy NA Avl RFQ
865276319-001 air duct assy NA Avl RFQ
865276325-001 motherboard cca NA Avl RFQ
865276336-003 twinax 1sp touch panel NA Avl RFQ
865276345-001 blower assy NA Avl RFQ
865276350-001 meter switch array NA Avl RFQ
865276355-002 c/p cca -prom tw/coax 2s NA Avl RFQ
865276367-001 aud alarm cable assy NA Avl RFQ
865276379-001 transducer cable assy NA Avl RFQ
865276384-001 rear control panel cable NA Avl RFQ
865276386-002 meter assy NA Avl RFQ
865276395-003 power interconnect cca NA Avl RFQ
865276415-001 band motor cable assy NA Avl RFQ
865276416-001 band brush NA Avl RFQ
865276419-001 power interconnect cover NA Avl RFQ
865276420-007 power interconnect cca NA Avl RFQ
865276430-004 14 ppr low sensor unisys NA Avl RFQ
865276451-002 aud alarm field kit NA Avl RFQ
865276465-002 processor cca NA Avl RFQ
865276465-005 processor cca (unisys) NA Avl RFQ
865276471-001 2.2 ohm 70w resistor assy NA Avl RFQ
865276490-005 motor control cca 8ss NA Avl RFQ
865276499-001 interlocks cable assy NA Avl RFQ
865276657-001 8ss idler assy NA Avl RFQ
865277646-012 remote power control assy NA Avl RFQ
865277653-001 mem 2 band speed prom NA Avl RFQ
865277653-004 mem 3 band speed prom NA Avl RFQ
865277654-001 2 speed clock prom NA Avl RFQ
865277654-003 clock prom - mem 2 NA Avl RFQ
865277665-001 cca timing & status NA Avl RFQ
865277685-001 cca timing & status NA Avl RFQ
865277705-001 idler assy cover NA Avl RFQ
865277718-001 switch guard NA Avl RFQ
865277766-001 band motor mtg plate NA Avl RFQ
865277769-001 brush retainer NA Avl RFQ
865277784-001 character band cover NA Avl RFQ
865277822-002 tractor attachment plate NA Avl RFQ
865277829-001 tractor adjuster brkt NA Avl RFQ
865277835-001 tractor belt NA Avl RFQ
865277839-001 tractor tension screw NA Avl RFQ
865277883-002 paper door foam tape NA Avl RFQ
865277922-001 bandgate interlock assy NA Avl RFQ
865277924-001 line counter kit NA Avl RFQ
865277927-001 paper feed mounting plate NA Avl RFQ
865277946-001 spring - ribbon holder NA Avl RFQ
865277956-001 ribbon cover assy NA Avl RFQ
865277981-001 top cover latch assy NA Avl RFQ
865277990-001 cca timing & status NA Avl RFQ
865277999-001 front mechanics foam NA Avl RFQ
865278028-001 ppr motion sensor shield NA Avl RFQ
865278031-001 tensioner interlock base NA Avl RFQ
865278035-002 lower drive shaft assy NA Avl RFQ
865278037-001 220mm air hose NA Avl RFQ
865278040-002 cca channel interface NA Avl RFQ
865278050-001 timing & status prom - address NA Avl RFQ
865278062-001 motor mounting plate NA Avl RFQ
865278065-001 top cvr ped latch plate NA Avl RFQ
865278944-001 aligning roller motor NA Avl RFQ
865278963-001 auto toner unit cca NA Avl RFQ
865278966-001 fuser roller kit NA Avl RFQ
865278982-001 main logic cca NA Avl RFQ
865278984-001 laser motor driver cca NA Avl RFQ
865278989-001 motor driver cca NA Avl RFQ
865278991-001 keyboard monitor cca NA Avl RFQ
865279041-101 lg capacity sheet feeder NA Avl RFQ
865279280-001 postscript control cca NA Avl RFQ
865279286-462 postscript prom kit NA Avl RFQ
865279291-001 letter cassette NA Avl RFQ
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