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Manufacturer's List of Test Equipment

Part Number's List for Test Equipment

Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
01808-AUS fluke select t1/e1 g703 inline probe cpnt ipt-aus w encr Avl RFQ
10113000 fluke 4wire modular adapter cpnt Avl RFQ
10210101 fluke modular adapter 4wire in line cpnt w/ k plug Avl RFQ
10220100 fluke fluke 6-wire banjo modular adapter 6wire in line modular adapter cpnt Avl RFQ
10220101 fluke 6wire in-line modular adapter cpnt with k-plug Avl RFQ
10300000 fluke 5pk 8wire spare modular adpt cpnt cords Avl RFQ
10660001 fluke 0660001 security key insert accs Avl RFQ
11289000 fluke electrical contractor telecom accs kit ii w/ pro3000 tone and probe Avl RFQ
1180006L1 adtran total access 1500 test access unit Avl RFQ
1638 fluke select t1 csu/dsu ase with dsx cpnt port Avl RFQ
1802 fluke select t1 csu/dsu ase w/ dsx cpnt port ipt image Avl RFQ
1805 fluke select t1 csu/dsu ase mgmt dialcpnt access dsx ipt Avl RFQ
1806 fluke select t1/e1 g703 inline probe cpnt Avl RFQ
1808 fluke select t1/e1 g703 inline probe cpnt - ip transport Avl RFQ
1890 fluke select 10/100 enet in-line ase cpnt le ip transpt Avl RFQ
1965 fluke select 4xt1/e1 inline ase - ip cpnt transport image Avl RFQ
1986 fluke fluke aggregating in-line tap for 2 100 / 1000 segments - tap splitter aggregating inline tap for 2 cpnt 100/1000 segments Avl RFQ
1T-1000 fluke onetouch at lan fiber perp Avl RFQ
1T-1500-2PK fluke onetouch at 1500 kit of two perp Avl RFQ
1T-3000-OFP-QUAD fluke kit onetouch at 3000+ optifiberperp pro quad otdr Avl RFQ
200B-G greenlee textron tone probe (200b-g) (clam) Avl RFQ
200EP-G greenlee textron tone probe (200ep-g) (clam) Avl RFQ
200FP greenlee textron filter probe (200fp) Avl RFQ
200GX greenlee textron amplifier ind 200gx Avl RFQ
203-550 steren steren cable continuity tester 203-550 steren pt-1 pocket dc perp ca toner cont tester Avl RFQ
2092 fluke smartna chassis-portabale rj45 cpnt mgmt dual dc Avl RFQ
2093 fluke smart chassis 1u 4 slots cpnt * all sales final no returns * Avl RFQ
2095 fluke smart control module cpnt Avl RFQ
2097 fluke portable chassis and 2 1gig mmfcpnt ports Avl RFQ
2098 fluke portable chassis and 2 1gig smfcpnt ports Avl RFQ
2104 fluke smart programmable module perp 2rj-45 2sfp Avl RFQ
2132558 fluke calibration traceable w/ data accs *priced per quote* Avl RFQ
2155 fluke smart 10/100/1000 aggregate tapcpnt module 4xrj-45 ports Avl RFQ
2157 fluke 50/50 mmf 62.5 m 850/1310nm cabl dual slimline fiber optic passive Avl RFQ
2159 fluke slimline fiber tap dual 50:50 cabl mmf 850/1310 50 micron om3 Avl RFQ
2161 fluke smartna standalone/portable perp chassis dual ac external psu Avl RFQ
2165 fluke 10/100mb netflow ase cpnt Avl RFQ
2191 fluke span module 1000bsx to copper w / backplane agg span module 1000bsx to copper cpnt w/backplane agg Avl RFQ
2204 fluke tap module 1000blx to sfp cage v-line tap module 1000blx to sfp cage cpnt v-line Avl RFQ
2227 fluke fluke 10g ethernet ase model 807-0440 appliance monitor only 10g enet ase appl monitor only perp model 0440 Avl RFQ
2230 fluke 02230 ent voip sw lic lics Avl RFQ
2240 fluke mmf 850nm sgl inline 1gbps accs appl enet ase mdl 807-0411-mm Avl RFQ
2244 fluke sm 1310nm sgl inline oc3/12 accs appl based pos ase 807-0420-sm Avl RFQ
2260 fluke smartna-x chassis system 4mod cpnt bays 2x10gbe sfp+ Avl RFQ
2266 fluke smartna-x mod 4x10/100/1000 cpnt enet Avl RFQ
22800001 fluke ts22 test set with piercing pin clips Avl RFQ
22800007 fluke ts22 test set with ground startcpnt cord Avl RFQ
22801004 fluke ts22a test set w/ 346a cord cpnt Avl RFQ
22801007 fluke ts22a test set w/grnd start cpnt cord Avl RFQ
24TB-ESA-ST fluke 24tb esa truview or apa 4800 cpnt and l 5200 appl mode Avl RFQ
24TB-ESA-XT fluke fluke 24tb esa truview or apa 4800 component and l 6200 appl model 24tb esa truview or apa 6200 cpnt appl model Avl RFQ
259-101-15 steren 15pk 1in 10lead alligator clip cabl set Avl RFQ
26200900 fluke pro3000 tone generator accs Avl RFQ
26500090 fluke fluke networks ts90 cable fault finders cable fault finder perp Avl RFQ
27555 c2g 6.3 in fiber break tester black Avl RFQ
33-770 ideal vdv pro cable tester accs 1 remote Avl RFQ
33-771 ideal vdv pro cable tester accs 8 remote Avl RFQ
33-892 ideal securitest pro cctv tester Avl RFQ
33-928 ideal fibermaster cpnt Avl RFQ
33-960-30MB ideal kit otdr tier 2 certification accs option and macro bend detection Avl RFQ
33-990-FA04 ideal ftek fdx mm led+sm laser Avl RFQ
33-991 ideal ltkii 350mhz cat6 w/cat6 w Avl RFQ
35-473 ideal probe pic & spudger Avl RFQ
351898 intellinet intellinet multifunction cable tester Avl RFQ
351911 intellinet cable tester bnc and usb (351911) Avl RFQ
36TB-ESA-ST fluke fluke 36tb esa truview component and 5200 appliance model 36tb esa truview or apa 4800 cpnt and 5200 appl model Avl RFQ
39004 c2g sohotest-eandtrade; residential cable tester Avl RFQ
402K greenlee textron cable tone test set Avl RFQ
42801001 fluke ts42dlx tst set w/ prc pn clipscpnt Avl RFQ
42801004 fluke ts42dlx test set w/346a plug perp Avl RFQ
4XRJ45TESTER 4xem corporation network cable tester for perp rj45/rj11 f/f Avl RFQ
500341 procom technology sat finder meter Avl RFQ
5011 network critical smartnax syst 4slot add pwr fanperp 1x1or10g mod slot 3x1gbe mod slots Avl RFQ
5024 network critical smartna-x-hd aggregator 24x10g perp aggregation only upgradeable Avl RFQ
5048 network critical smartna-x-hd aggregator 48x10g perp aggregation only upgradeable Avl RFQ
50801001 fluke ts44 pro test set with cpnt piercingpin pp only Avl RFQ
50801004 fluke ts44 pro test set w/ 346a plug cpnt Avl RFQ
508S greenlee textron wire finder Avl RFQ
5121 network critical redundant ac psu c14 hotswap cpnt applies to 4024 5024 5048 Avl RFQ
52801009 fluke ts52 pro test set with abn pp cpnt Avl RFQ
5900-144 axis communications t8414 installation display accs Avl RFQ
602-010 steren 602-010 steren pocket size dgtlperp multimeter/trans. tester Avl RFQ
602-040 steren 602-040 steren digital multi- perp meter trans. tester Avl RFQ
602-070 steren 602-070 steren 3 1/2in dig perp manual range multimeter Avl RFQ
602-270 steren steren auto-range lcd digitial perp multimeter Avl RFQ
602-810 steren steren energy tester 602-810 steren tone and probe perp tester model 180-cb Avl RFQ
62-140 ideal ideal tracetone tone generator and amplified probe test set ideal tone generator & accs probe Avl RFQ
633/635-KIT fluke 633/635-kit cable kit for cabl quickbert-t1 test set Avl RFQ
711K greenlee textron 711k tone and probe kit Avl RFQ
77GX greenlee textron 77gx tone generator Avl RFQ
77GX2 greenlee textron 77gx2 tone generator Avl RFQ
8002-19 fluke fluke lc interchangeable connector adapter for certifiber connector adapter lc fiber interchangeable Avl RFQ
801K greenlee textron premium tone & probe kit - combo kit(77hp/6a+200fp+700c) Avl RFQ
840H kramer electronics ltd kramer 840h hdmi test pattern generator Avl RFQ
867501 wilson electronics rf signal detector (867501) Avl RFQ
990DSL2 fluke copperpro next gen copper loop perp analyzer w/ tdr wb 2.2mhz adsl2+ Avl RFQ
990LT/DSL fluke fluke 990lt dsl option component, 2.2mhz for 990lt 990lt/dsl dsl option 2.2mhz forcpnt 990lt Avl RFQ
990LT/TDR fluke fluke tdr option for 990lt component 990lt/tdr tdr option for 990lt cpnt Avl RFQ
990LT/VDSL fluke fluke vdsl option 18mhz component for 990lt with dsl option installed 990lt/vdsl vdsl option 18mhz cpnt for 990lt w/dsl option installed Avl RFQ
990TL-SB fluke test lead set spike bed of cpnt nails Avl RFQ
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