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Unlimited Purchasing stocks multiple parts like LEVER REMOTE CONTROL, HOUSING,BEARING UNIT, PUMP, AIR, EMISSION CONTROL, MOTOR,ENGINE STARTER,ELECTRICA, PUMP,FUEL,METERING AND DISTRIB from manufacturer Teledyne Industries Inc. Part Numbers such as TG201206, TG201205-1, TG201023, TG201018-2, TG201018 with NSN 3040013207321, 3130013226744, 2990013167837, 2920013234396, 2910013171480 are in stock and ready to ship out. The ASAP shipping and supply chain is one of the most efficient in the industry. We have shipping locations across North America, Canada, and the U.K. that allow us to ship our parts as soon as possible. We offer fast lead-times on hard-to-find items. With services such as expedited and same-day shipping, the ASAP team can confidently deliver parts under AOG time constraints. Submit an RFQ today to get started.

CAGE Code: 28839, 29832, 86768, 22345, 24176, 73471, U0611, 0JNK4, 1LUK5, 25187

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
TG202306 3040-01-320-7321 lever remote control Avl RFQ
TG202235 3130-01-322-6744 housing,bearing unit Avl RFQ
TG201847 2990-01-316-7837 pump, air, emission control Avl RFQ
TG201414 2920-01-323-4396 motor,engine starter,electrica Avl RFQ
TG201271 2910-01-317-1480 pump,fuel,metering and distrib Avl RFQ
TG201206 2940-01-343-3684 filter body, fluid Avl RFQ
TG201205-1 2940-01-343-1917 filter,fluid Avl RFQ
TG201023 3040-01-319-8769 shaft,straight Avl RFQ
TG201018-2 2835-01-372-9448 core,regenerator Avl RFQ
TG201018 2835-01-372-9448 core,regenerator Avl RFQ
TG200893 2910-01-323-3434 fuel injection nozzle and hold Avl RFQ
TG200879 2835-01-317-8327 chamber, combustion, nonaircra Avl RFQ
TG200766-1 3040-01-319-8770 shaft, shouldered. Avl RFQ
TG200679 2835-01-318-5577 nozzle,turbine,nonaircraft gas Avl RFQ
TG200677 2835-01-323-0763 scroll,air transfer,turbine en Avl RFQ
TG200667-1 3010-01-320-1773 plate, intermediate, friction Avl RFQ
TG200664 3040-01-319-8770 shaft, shouldered. Avl RFQ
TG200531 2835-01-323-4380 rotor,turbine,nonaircraft gas Avl RFQ
PE90-4SPEC29 2805-00-554-9228 engine,gasoline Avl RFQ
L-95-81 2910-01-320-1786 carburetor, float Avl RFQ
I0520BA 2810-01-415-1624 engine, aircraft, reciprocatin Avl RFQ
ALK1132AS-1 2925-01-415-2130 head assy,slip ring end Avl RFQ
ALE-1003K 2925-01-415-2131 head assy,engine,acft Avl RFQ
654716 2810-01-514-9457 ring set: piston Avl RFQ
652436-1 2925-01-415-2133 clamp,engine,acft Avl RFQ
649896 2810-01-415-1663 crankshaft, engine Avl RFQ
649177P005 2810-01-415-1690 guide,valve stem Avl RFQ
649052A1-1R 2915-01-415-1689 injector assembly, fuel Avl RFQ
648014 2810-01-415-1681 guide,valve stem Avl RFQ
646220A2 2810-01-426-7966 adapter assembly,s Avl RFQ
646212-9A4R 2915-01-415-1688 pump,fuel,metering and distrib Avl RFQ
646212-9A4 2915-01-415-1688 pump,fuel,metering and distrib Avl RFQ
646212-2A3R 2915-01-415-1662 pump,fuel,metering and distrib Avl RFQ
646177 2915-01-415-2135 plate,fuel pump,acft Avl RFQ
643767P010 2810-01-514-9454 guide,valve stem Avl RFQ
643767P005 2810-01-415-1664 guide,valve stem Avl RFQ
642602A2P015 2810-01-415-3124 ring set: piston Avl RFQ
642602A2P010 2810-01-415-3127 ring set: piston Avl RFQ
641909 2810-01-415-2146 plate,lok,acft Avl RFQ
641584 2945-01-415-1701 filter,fluid Avl RFQ
640934 3020-01-415-2138 hub assy,gear,acft Avl RFQ
640808 3020-01-415-1697 gear, spur. Avl RFQ
639272 2810-01-415-1669 cylinder,engine,gasoline Avl RFQ
639243 2810-01-415-1663 crankshaft, engine Avl RFQ
638154-2A3 2915-01-415-1662 pump,fuel,metering and distrib Avl RFQ
632558A1 2915-01-415-2134 rod assy,link,acft Avl RFQ
632555-56 1680-01-415-1650 lever remote control Avl RFQ
631475 2810-01-415-1653 piston,internal combustion eng Avl RFQ
631427-2A1M 2915-01-415-1651 valve,fuel,manifold Avl RFQ
630046 2810-01-415-5120 pin,piston Avl RFQ
629904-2A7R 2915-01-415-1638 injection control,metering and Avl RFQ
629904-2A5 2915-01-415-1638 injection control,metering and Avl RFQ
629601 2810-01-415-3120 riser assy,acft Avl RFQ
628423A2 2810-00-086-7746 piston and cylinder Avl RFQ
626577-2 2925-01-415-2133 clamp,engine,acft Avl RFQ
625432A8 2810-00-890-3293 cylinder,assy Avl RFQ
625432A2 2810-00-890-3293 cylinder,assy Avl RFQ
539881 2805-00-941-2263 cap oil filter Avl RFQ
539156 2805-00-545-9188 adapter assy,govern Avl RFQ
538524 2805-00-656-4902 lifting eye assembly Avl RFQ
536938A2 2805-00-879-5290 ring set: piston Avl RFQ
536403 2810-00-210-5335 flange,intake manif Avl RFQ
536161A1 2805-00-610-2998 adapter assembly,governor oil Avl RFQ
535881A1 2810-00-098-2519 body assy oil pump Avl RFQ
535650 2810-00-396-3863 plug assembly,shaft Avl RFQ
534087 2805-00-211-8623 brace,manifold Avl RFQ
532964 2990-00-994-4016 bracket,preheat and mixing val Avl RFQ
40644A2 2810-00-314-4599 bearing,crankshaft Avl RFQ
40246 2810-01-599-8240 pipe,intake Avl RFQ
2243030301 2990-01-412-8137 muffler exhaust Avl RFQ
10-9966 3120-00-203-8499 bushing, sleeve Avl RFQ
10-94590 2925-00-587-3337 block, ignition distributor Avl RFQ
10-94569 2925-00-587-3336 support: assembly Avl RFQ
10-89320-1 2925-00-516-7794 distributor, ignition system Avl RFQ
10-88514-7 2925-00-564-6662 flange,special Avl RFQ
10-87862-1 2925-00-607-7040 plate,spring mounting Avl RFQ
10-86519 2925-00-321-1992 socket assembly, electrical Avl RFQ
10-79347 2925-00-308-1231 plate,breaker adjusting Avl RFQ
10-79305-45 2925-00-915-8325 sleeve terminal Avl RFQ
10-75055 2925-00-033-0210 motor assembly Avl RFQ
10-721036-2 2925-01-196-3023 wiring harness Avl RFQ
10-54142 2925-00-265-1645 cover, magneto coil Avl RFQ
10-500514-1 2925-01-420-2362 magneto,ignition Avl RFQ
10-400567 3110-01-515-0286 ball,bearing Avl RFQ
10-400137 2925-01-464-3092 ferrule Avl RFQ
10-37833 2925-00-324-1764 lead: assembly Avl RFQ
10-106700-1F 2925-00-084-8118 vibrator,ignition coil Avl RFQ
10-106700-1D 2925-00-084-8118 vibrator,ignition coil Avl RFQ
10-106700-1B 2925-00-084-8118 vibrator,ignition coil Avl RFQ
10-106700-1 2925-00-084-8118 vibrator,ignition coil Avl RFQ
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